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7x05: “You Light Up My Union” 

Eric is the best. 

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"Why is my waffle so sad?"

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"Mr. Feeny, may I sit down?"

"I’d rather you didn’t."

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Mr. Turner: “Matthews you are amazing, no idea what’s going on yet you’re still taking notes. Whatcha writin’? (Cory shoves paper into his mouth) Whatcha eatin’?”

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Favorite moment of Boy Meets World season one?

Mr. Feeny: “Can anyone tell me what the acronym SCUBA is? Mr. Matthews?”

Cory: “DUBA?”

Mr. Feeny: “Scuba duba. Mr. Matthews I have obviously failed you on so many levels. An acronym a pronounceable formation made by a combination of letter.”

Cory (turning to Shawn): “I told you.”

Mr. Feeny: “So now, can anyone tell me what SCUBA stands for? Come on, someone take a stab at it! Mr. Hunter, you haven’t spoken since the fourth grade, S-C-U-B-A, what does it stand for?”

Shawn: “Something’s Creepy Under Boat… Andy.”

Mr. Feeny: “Mr. Matthews was closer with DUBA.”

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