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I will once we are near enough to each other. Also, it’s absolutely amazing. I mean, the story if good too I suppose but him reading it is seriously the best. I was holding back giggles the entire time and only managed to get part way through chapter 4 before I started falling asleep.

Greatest way ever to fall asleep, honestly. With the exception of possibly him being present to read to you.

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flamingos really piss me off like what the hell are they doing??????

they’re coming to steal your girl

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I went to that emergency compliment website and this was what I got:

And I have no idea if it’s true….

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Jeremy Renner doing deep lunges | The Graham Norton Show (February 15, 2013)

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Keleigh and I as hobbits. 

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Keleigh: My sister and I were watching that movie, the one with the girl with the umbrella that comes down and watches the kids.
Me: Mary Poppins? Jesus christ, Keleigh.
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Look at this tiny animal. His name is Sherlock.

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I wish I had someone to read to me. I quite like being read to. 

hey you! I will read to you. I quite like reading out loud.

Okay, but do you think you could manage it in a man voice? Make it real soothing ‘n’ stuff. 

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dont tickle me i’ll stab you in the throat

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OMGWTFITISSNOWINGOUTUGH If you are going to Hetty’s class tonight, would you like me to pick up up on my way?

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Wait a second, I thought you were complaining about snow for a second haha

1. You should know better, I NEVER complain about snow. I fucking love it. 

2. If I were going to Hetty’s class I wouldn’t need a ride because I’d already be in the building, but thanks. :P

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Pretty face. FO-EVA.

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So purrrtyyy
But really, thanks. 
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