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Cyberpunk club scene

Acrylic on illustration board

My contribution to the Robot/Cyborg project theme for Spark!

I dids a painting. 

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Decided to mix things up with some Pokemon.

Color palette challenge for Spark!

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This weekend I got to attend a beautiful wedding and the Ketubah I designed was on display. I’m so pleased with how it came out and that the bride and groom were happy with it. 

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Spending the day drawing adorable things. #best

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I spent most of yesterday making this pillow for collage class.

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Some fun little sassy paintings I did for homework. 

I’m pretty slow on posting things on my art blog but I’m getting around to it. 

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Warm Cinnamon Bun

First chapter header illustration for my senior show

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A mixed media collage I made for Greg as a Valentine’s Day gift.

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Red Herring

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this shark, swallow you whole

A self-portrait of living with jaw problems. 

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hips don’t lie

I made this for part of my collage/montage homework.

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I made these little paper doll versions of myself and Greg for my collage class. It was immensely fun. 

Greg has a Weezer shirt and a jean jacket and I’m not wearing glasses because who wears glasses while they sleep? not me.  

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"I’ll come around someday."

Listened to a bunch of music about having demons and was inspired. 

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Today I was inspired by the song Hello My Old Heart by The Oh Hello’s, so I did a wee drawing. 

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